• The FroYo Comeback

    Not many can deny the satisfaction that comes from a heaping helping of the tasty frozen treat known as ice cream. But, in the last decade, ice cream has taken a backseat to a new rival snack, frozen yogurt. This multimedia story takes a look at why FroYo fell from its debut grace in the 70s, and how Generation Y has rejuvenated it. Customers are dedicated to their favorite FroYo shop, and a number of new shops have recently popped up on college campuses.

  • Blogging to Deal With Illness

    Eva Markvoort blogged about living with cystic fibrosis for four years until her death in March 2010. Her last post, a farewell video titled “I Love You All” was viewed by 150,000 people in 24 hours. Markvoort’s blog, 65_Redroses, inspired a documentary released in the United States in 2011.

  • New Technology Wreaks Havoc on Old Polling Practices

    As new technology progresses, landline phones have become less important to many young peoples lives. Many young people from Generation Y are “wireless only,” which is causing problems for pollsters trying to gauge public opinion. To see just how many households are dropping their landlines, and to see what the public is using cell phones to do, check out the interactive charts below. Then listen to Kajsa Dalrymple explain technology and cultural changes in communication.

  • Music Culture: Electronic

    All over the world, 20-somethings enjoy today’s electronic music.  Colorful lights and heavy bass beats provide an atmosphere where dancing and taking drugs is commonplace. As computer technology and music software have become more advanced our generation has seized the opportunity to produce a variety of music in this electronic genre. Current college students explain how to relate to the so-called “noise,” how this music allows for self-expression, and how they were converted from classical music styles to electronic dance beats.